Apple Music Surpasses Spofity in US Subscribers

From Digital Music News -

Apple Music has more paying subscribers in the United States than Spotify, according to confidential details shared with Digital Music News this morning.

This is really interesting. Apple hasn’t been in this particular space very long, but seems to be making really good progress. I think the biggest advantage of Apple Music is how integrated it is with the Apple ecosystem. It’s so easy to just use it right on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or even HomePod. It’s like having access to almost every song, as if it were right in your own personal library, which is pretty cool.

I do think that Apple Music falls down when it comes to discovering new music, or listening to “radio”. The concept that Pandora first made popular. I use both Spotify and Apple Music (and I subscribed to Pandora for many years), and it strikes me how quickly Spotify learns the types of things I like, and starts creating interesting stations for me with new music that I tend to actually like.

Apple Music, on the other hand, seems to come up with just a station that seems thrown together, possibly by genre, but is incredibly generic, and mainstream. It doesn’t seem to actually learn anything about what I like or don’t like, and just throws broad categories at me. I am very consistent about liking and disliking the music that comes up to try and teach either system, but Apple Music consistently falls down in this area.

I love the convenience of Apple Music, and will definitely continue to subscribe to it, however it would be amazing if they could up their game in the music discovery department. Spotify is a great service, but it’s hard to see how it can compete with Apple with the simplicity of using it on Apple devices.