Google Cloud Next Conference - Day 1

This week I am down in San Francisco for the Google Cloud Next conference, where Google talks about all of the new things coming to Google Cloud. Google Cloud has two parts. The first part is Google Cloud Platform, which includes a suite of platform and infrastructure as a service offerings, as well as a whole suite of Developer tools to run your applications, databases, machine learning, and lots of other things in the cloud. The other part is G Suite, Google's competitor to Office 365.

Today brought several new exciting announcements to the platform. Google is pushing it's AI agenda further and further every day, and todays announcments show that as well as anything. At Google IO a few months ago, Google announced some Gmail features that allow for Google's AI to automatically suggest completing sentences for you as you write an email, and learns from how you talk even going as far as how you talk to specific people over other people. Google is bringing this to their enterprise G Suite platform very soon.

In addition Google is bringing AI in to Google docs by adding Grammar checking, and promises that this will be more advanced than any current tools out there, as it will look more at the context of what you are writing. Early access to this service is available starting today.

Google Hangouts Chat, which is Google's answer to business chat like Slack and Microsoft Teams, will be adding the Gmail feature of "Smart Reply" which uses AI to suggest quick responses in situations where a quick response to what someone says is appropriate. In my experience I have found the Gmail quick responses earily accurate to what I would generally respond to an email with, so I find this pretty exciting as well.

Additionally, Google is adding a bunch of security features to their G Suite Admin toolbox. Previously, if there was a security issue with an email or Drive doc within your domain, you would need to utilize one of the API's or a tool that uses the G Suite API's in order to remediate that email (either retracting an email, retroactively marking it as spam, quaratnining the message, changing drive permissions retroactively, etc.). With the new G Suite Security Center, you can get valuable insights and react to those insights much more quickly, all within the platform without the need of additional tools.

Everyone is probably tired of hearing about AI and Machine Learning at this point. Many companies (Google definitely being one of them) tout AI/ML as something that will transform the world in ways that we can't even imagine right now. Some even call it the next industrial revolution. None of the announcements today are quite to that level, however Google has been steadily adding AI/ML features to G Suite, and are doing so in ways that are useful for people, and help them get work done. They are adding up quickly, and I think are extremely interesting for the future of G Suite, Google Cloud, and Google in general.