Tesla Model 3 Orders Open to North America

You can now order a Tesla Model 3 without needing to preorder. Starting today, Tesla opened the configuration page for the Model 3. To this point, you needed to pre order and put $1000 down, and join a waiting list. Once you reached the top of the list, you would then have the chance to configure your vehicle. Now anyone in North America can.

Unfortunately, Tesla still only offers the higher end models, and doesn’t have the cheap option that was promised with the Model 3. Still, it is a much more affordable option than the Model S or Model X.

It seems Tesla has largely worked out their production issues which have plagued the Model 3 to this point. I’m sure they aren’t out of the woods entirely, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

I have seen a few Model 3s around town, and I have to admit I’m pretty jealous.