Apple May Acquire 1Password

Jonathan S. Geller writing for Boy Genius Report initially reported in this story that not only was Apple looking to deploy a massive 1Password deployment, but were also looking at acquiring 1Password.

The article has since been updated with a tweet from the 1Password team

There have definitely been times when Apple has acquired a company where that company denies that anything like that is happening, right up to the point where it's officially announced, however with the comment "and plan to remain so" it does seem fairly final.

I totally understand and respect a company that doesn't want to be acquired. Often corporate takeovers by large companies can destroy your culture, and may require that you move somewhere you don't want to move, etc. however I personally would love it if Apple did actually acquire them.

Many of the new password API's in iOS 12 will make 1Password even better, however I can't help but imagine what it would be like if 1Password replaced Keychain all together. If Apple treated the app like they have with Workflow (becoming Shortcuts in iOS 12), that would be phenomenal.

Guess we'll have to wait and see!