Google Remotely Changed Settings

Ryan Whitwam, writing for Android Police -

Like most phones these days, Google's Pixel devices have a battery saver mode that automatically kicks in when your charge level reaches a certain threshold. You can change the percentage at which battery saver activates, but apparently Google can do that, too. A substantial number of Pixel owners report their phones have suddenly switched to battery saver mode when almost fully charged.

In a subsequent update to the article, it clarified that in fact it wasn't just the pixel phones, but many Android phones.

While we all kind of assume that Google and Apple have these capabilities, it's a little frightening when it's actually used. Particularly that it was possible to use this by accident, as it seems was the case here.

It makes me wonder, as unlikely as this is, what if this capability was hijacked at some point by someone malicious?

I also can't help but wonder how the reaction to something like this would differ if it were Apple that had made this mistake.